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About Us



The Solar Warehouse was established in 2020 to source and import renewable energy projects for the commercial solar photovoltaic market. This forms part of The Solar Warehouse’s strategy to invest in renewable energy and create an African industrial renewable energy company. The Solar Warehouse imports and supplies solar equipment and solar systems for residential, commercial properties, mining projects, communicating information on technology and providing installation of solar systems were needed.


The Solar Warehouse has a solid background of responsible conduct while providing bespoke solutions to different clients in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia and our goal is to provide the rest of Africa. We are proud of our ability to service clients with a wide array of services and products. Diversity is one of our core values and we believe in the one stop shop concept to make it easy for our clients. We acknowledge and appreciate the rate at which technology is advancing and we therefore strive to adopt and employ the latest technological advancements but bearing in mind to tailor them for our African community.


The Solar Warehouse’s mission and vision is to reduce energy poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries and to achieve by year 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 7 as set by the United Nations. This goal is aimed at “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” More so, The Solar Warehouse is guided by the International Environmental principle of “Going green” which means to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations. The Solar Warehouse is constantly in pursuit of better, affordable and long-lasting solutions for beneficiaries and has an African focus because of the obvious developmental poverty of the continent and the fact that hundreds of millions of Africans do not have access to affordable and reliable electricity and security.

To achieve its vision, The Solar Warehouse conducts different types of projects that are aimed at delivering energy solutions to people of all social classes. These projects are aimed at providing timeous, tangible and measurable energy solutions to African households, communities and towns/cities in need. We fully understands and appreciates the dynamics and diversity of energy solutions, and living in a global village, no company is an island, we have used our immense  networking database to partner with  South  African solar product  manufacturers and distributors  who have an in-depth technical knowledge of the solar and electrical-field,  members  of ECSA (Engineering Council of South Africa), IESSA (Lighting Engineers Council of South Africa), PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) and whose products all conform to South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) specifications.



  • Ubuntu 

  •  Excellence 

  •   Integrity 

  • ·Accountability

It takes courage to be great, courage is the willingness to challenge accepted practices and conventional wisdom. Courage includes honesty and acting resolutely on your beliefs. It means standing by one’s principles. With courage and dedication, we act on our insights and beliefs, addressing the needs of those we serve in relevant and significant ways. We do this with an unwavering commitment to excellence. We hold ourselves accountable for attaining the high  performance standards and results that are inherent in our goals. We learn from our mistakes and we improve, this is how we build our business. This is how we determine our own destiny and achieve our vision of the future.


Supply PV Systems for autonomous power generation for On-and Off-grid applications. Selection and use of high quality products as we know the small parts of the device Provide all solar devices such as:

  • Solar Panels 

  • Inverters 

  • Solar Batteries 

  • Solar charge controllers 

  • Solar submersible pumps and more.

We support our customers to find financing options as required Service and installation of PV systems.


We are convinced that decentralized and intelligent energy management systems are the energy supply of the future.

Long-term relationships with our customers is essential for our business model.

Import as many solar systems as possible and supply the  whole of Africa at large.

Collaboration and contribution to the local universities and research institutes.

We support the sustainable development goals from UNDP “to universal access to affordable electricity by 2030 means to invest in clean energy sources such as solar, wind and thermal and adopting cost-effective standards for a wider range of technologies” source UNDP.

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